A Pictorial and Anecdotal History of
Adak, Alaska, U.S.A.

Hawaiian Time Zone (GMT-10; Noon in Seattle is 10 a.m. at Adak)
9 a.m. at Adak is 11 a.m. PST, 12 noon MST, 1 p.m. CST, 2 p.m. EST.

http://adak.orneveien.org , and http://www.orneveien.org/adak , a site by Michael Gordon to host a photographic history of Adak. This site pertains primarily to the military occupation and development of Adak from 1943 to the military departure in the year 2000. The City of Adak was incorporated in the year 2001.  This site has no official connection to the City of Adak, but will post such documents, advisories, invitations, tourist opportunities as come to my attention. Email via the contact form on the home page.

Adak City Incorporation Election Results, April 2001
Essential Air Service Ruling -- 3 January 2003
Adak Relief Map

Time Zone UTC-10 (Pacific Standard Time minus 2 hours)

City of Adak
Telephone 907-592-4500 or 907-592-4513

"Birthplace of the Winds"
The Adak Military Adventure

Photos and Stories

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Adak Topographic Map; 1:250,000 Scale, GIF. 3 megabytes, 6000 pixels wide.



  • Lockheed Electra photo CD Back Cover image
    Electra! Queen of the Aleutian Islands (DVD, 55 Minutes).  A documentary by Bill Schulz.  Music by John Rich (see info and music samples: http://www.jrich.com/history.html).
    • Bill Schulz' Electra Website with a Quicktime sample clip from the movie.
    • Available from Flight One Software: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=TCC-ELDVD-01
    • Comment by Michael Gordon: I am nearly certain that you will treasure this movie, especially if you are fond of the hum of a big four-engine perfectly synchronized turboprop OR you admire the hard beauty of the Aleutian Islands. If you happen to have fond memories of both, this one will bring tears to your eyes. I loved it. The technical quality is first rate, crystal clear and without the editing artifacts (noise, snow, smearing) of analog video -- in other words, DVD digital quality from the moment it was photographed in 1998 and 1999 (I think).
        Outline: A brief history of Eastern Airlines' use of the Electra, followed by demise of Electra at Eastern then demise of Eastern Airlines. The author discovers Electras in Alaska: Reeve Aleutian Airline or Airways (It was Airways when I was on Adak but I think it became Airlines later) He goes to Alaska to photograph and experience the Electra, but is captivated by the awesome beauty and terrible power of Alaska. We watch ground operations briefly, yet leaving nothing significant out of the preflight, start and takeoff of a four engine turboprop. You'll love the whine of the engine starts, changing to a powerful hum when all four props are synchronized.
        What we see: We fly to Sand Point on a sunny day, and the runway will amaze you -- Adak has a luxurious runway compared to Sand Point (or Dutch Harbor for that matter). We do Sand Point again on a winter day and it is quite a bit more intense and then we do Dutch Harbor on a really horrible day. All these approaches are photographed through the front of the aircraft so what the pilots see, you see. Finally you have an approach at Anchorage and a reprise music video and throughout the movie, top quality still photographs as needed.
        Style: imagine that a friendly man with a passionate yet gentle voice came to your home, and he had something he wanted you to see, which he loves and he thinks you will too. In fact, he is sure of it. No doubt many viewers have flown on this very airline and have tales of their own (I do!) but do we tire of telling about the time the Reever was sliding sideways down the runway at Cold Bay? How about the time Pat Kelly landed at Adak in a white out with the runway closed and asked the tower to turn on the lights so he would not collide with the tower? Well, here you go: A tale of Alaska and the best aircraft ever made to fly the Aleutian Islands, but this time with visual proof and beautiful music!
  • Adak Movie clips in RealVideo® and MPEG formats.