Adak, Alaska 2000 -- Page 6

This photo strip is a bit confusing. It appears to be the old buildings north of the northeast end of the runways. The first two photographs are really the same photo; the first scan emphasizes the building, the second emphasizes the sky. The men gazing at the old buildings are interesting, but a clue exists in the background, the two-track road coming down to a dirt pad. Obviously, something these men remember once existed at this location. Finally, two photographs of an old building. Notice how the boards were applied on diagonals to make the building resistant to extreme wind. In fact, it has been here for about 50 years and has withstood typhoon force winds of over 120 mph. The old wood makes superb picture frames, since windblown sand etches the grain very deeply and makes it feathery soft to the touch. It isn't very strong and it does not burn well; the volatile components (sap, resin) have long ago been leached away by the endless rain.

Photography copyright 2000 by Paul Roberts