Michael G. Gordon
Data Processing Technician Chief Petty Officer
Career In Pictures

United States Navy, 6/1972 through 1/1994

8/1991 - 1/1994: Network Administrator, Application Support Group Chief, Senior Enlisted Advisor, Staff Duty Officer at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Washington DC (Navy Yard at Anacostia). This picture is of me visiting the National Capitol, in the rotunda (big domed room in the center) where is found a statue of Abraham Lincoln, next to which I am standing..
8/1988 - 8/1991: Maintenance Officer, ADP Officer, ADP Security Officer, Staff Duty Officer at Commander, Patrol Wing Two, Naval Air Station, Barbers Point, Hawaii. At the same time, I traveled with the MOCC (Mobile Operations Control Center) to various places on short notice to operate and repair computers and radio transmitter/ receivers, also, to brief and debrief ASW flight crews. The short notice was not fun and prevented me from pursuing college, but the places we went to were usually filled with adventure. Chief initiation took place for me at Barbers Point, about 200 Chiefs attending, about 30 selectees were subjected to various awful things. "Fun with a purpose." I made a beautiful charge book, engraved and carved out of Hawaiian Koa wood. Oh, yes, finally became SCUBA certified from PADI.
3/1987 - 7/1988: ADP/Maintenance Section Leader, Naval Air Station, Adak, Alaska. Operated and maintained tactical computer equipment, provided microcomputer services. Yay, promoted to Chief on my departure from this place. Entire Bluenose Certificate, crossing the Arctic Circle.
3/1985 - 3/1987: (DP1) Staff Duty Officer at Naval Air Station, Keflavik, Iceland; briefing and debriefing patrol flight crews. Also provided computer installation and some HP Technical Basic computer programming on tactical computers. I learned some of the Icelandic language while here and joined the touring society and obtained an Icelandic reciprocal ham radio license.
2/1981 - 3/1985: (DP1) ADP Security Division, Data Processing Service Center, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Supervisor of six personnel controlling and auditing access to the World Wide Military Command and Control System. Included network operations such as FTP and TELNET, programming in Honeywell mainframe (6060 and similar) assembly language, FORTRAN, COBOL, and Database Query systems (altogether about 80 programs).
1/1979 - 1/1981: (DP1) Computer Operator, Naval Air Station, Moffett Field, California. Included telecommunications support over dedicated lines (synchronous 2400 baud) and software troubleshooting.
4/1976 - 12/1978: (DP2) Computer Operator, Naval Air Station, Adak, Alaska. Included software troubleshooting. This period also includes two months specialized school in operating and troubleshooting procedures. This was a fun place, very adventurous but also very bad weather nearly all the time. Extremely bad quite often. I made 9,000 photographs of the place; my eagle photographs come from this time. These photographs were published in several magazines (including a cover) and a book.
11/1972 - 4/1976: (DP3, DP2) Electronic Accounting Machines Repairman and Computer Operator, Fleet Operations Control Center, Kunia, Hawaii. Provided preventive and corrective maintenance on IBM card-based equipment including 17 IBM 029 keypunch machines, model 82 and model 83 sorters, 519 Interpreter, and the monster, an IBM 407 accounting machine which had thousands of relays and cams which had to be adjusted to within 1/4 degree precision. Operated a large multi-mainframe system consisting of four Control Data 1604 with five Control Data 160A in support collectively known as AN-FYK-1.