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There are two alternative ways of spelling the name. The name is that of the original farm located in Östre Toten, Oppland, Norway. The original farm is around 1,000 years old. The farm has been divided over the years and is presently 4 separate farms. The farm is located about a 2-hour journey northwest of Oslo off highway 4. The families of all four farms use the name Dyste or Dysthe. The name is unique in that there is only one farm by that name and that it was only used in Norway. Most of the records of the occupants of the four farms were kept in the Kolbu Church. Norway has a state church and the local churches have kept the vital records. Church records for Kolbu and its predecessor church are available from 1695 to about 1925. There are several people very interested in the history of these farms and the descendants of those born on the farms. Fortunately nearly all the males that left Norway kept the name Dyste enabling us to trace most of their descendants. This paper was prepared by Jim Gordon jgordon@onlinemac.com. My great-grandmother was a Dyste.

The following was originally prepared by Kristian Hansen Dyste around 1960 as far as I know. I modify the document from time to time as new facts are learned.


Revised Apr 14, 2001

April 3 1396 Asbörg Haraldsdatter gave a part of the farm to Mariakirken in Oslo. The remains (altar and stone bench) of this church are still there today.

1528 Tord paa Düste

1557 Jonn Dyste

1612 Berte

1616 Erik

1636-1675 Nils Andersen (1591-1676). Father was Anders Dyste (1565- )?

1675-1678 Nils Nilsen (1649-1678) married Marte Pedersdatter Skjefstad

1678-1680 Nil's widow Marte married Svend Pedersen Hägär (1649-1715)

1680-1715 Svend Pedersen Dyste sold half of the farm in 1710 to Bent Evensen Bay (Bai) Dyste.

Bent Evensen Bay (1677-1765) purchased half of the Dyste farm in 1710. See below.


The Svend Pedersen Dyste farm

1680-1715 Svend Pedersen. In 1710 the other half of the farm was sold.

1715-1761 Christian Svendsen (1695-1772) married Kirsti Bentsdatter Dyste (Kirsti Bentsdatter the daughter of Bent Evensen Bay)

1761-1782 Svend Christiansen (1730-1797) married Mari Andersdatter Kraby

1782-1822 Nils Evensen Gihle (1752-1836) married Marte Svendsdatter Dyste (1761-1834)

The Svend Pedersen farm split about 1821. One part is Nere (meaning down below) and the other is Oppsistua (meaning upper)

Nere (meaning down below)

1821 Christian Nilsen (1788-1835) married Agnete Hansdatter Lundhagen. After Christian died she married Peder Alfstad

1845 Hans Christiansen (1824-1911) married Berte Marie Pedersdatter

1888 Kristian Hansen (1843-1914) married Petra Hansdtr Nøkleby

1921 Hans Kristiansen (1886-1982) married Pauline Roise.

? Kristian Hansen

Oppsistuen (meaning upper)

1822 Even Nilsen married Kari Olsdatter Stabo

1841 Johannes Hansen (son of Hans Kristiansen)

1844 Hans Christiansen, (1845- )

1845 Nils Christiansen married Mathea Larsdatter

1868 John Eriksen Voldengen (1813-1873) married Anne Halvorsdatter Lundberg

1873 Erik Johnsen (1842- ) married Catherine Pedersdatter Holman

1906 Johan Eriksen Dysthe (1877- ) married Olga Presterud

1943 Erik Johansen (1910- 1984) married Pauline Huse

? Johan Dysthe

The Bent Evensen farm


Bent Evensen Bay (1677-1765) purchased half of the Dyste farm in 1710

1710 Bent Evensen Bay (1677-1765) married Michelsdatter Rustad (1682-1760)

Apparently the farm passed to Kari and to her husbands

Kari Bentsdtr Dyste (1728- ) married twice

1746-1752 1) Peder Paulsen (died)

1752-1786 2) Gulbrand Anderssen Rogneby (1722-1808)

1786-1832 Anders Guldbrandsen Dyste (1758-1833) married Johanne Olsdatter Skaugerud

1832-1852 Guldbrand Andersen Dyste (1794-1871) married Kjerstine Johannsdatter Hammerstad

In 1852 this farm was split into Nishua (meaning new home lower) and Bortistuen

Nistuen (now called Dyste Gård)

1852 Anders Gulbrandsen (1820-1909) married Berte Maria Larsdatter Ringen (1829-1907); 11 children

18?? Laurits Andersen Dyste (1857- ) married Margrete Johansdatter (Voldengen) Oppistuen Dyste from Hurdal (1854- )

19?? Johannes Lauritsen Dyste (1890-1973) married (1923) Klara Hansdatter Gårder (1901-1982)

1952 Laurits Johanssen Dyste (1924-1993) married (1923) Petra Kvikstad

? Johannes Lauritsen Dyste


1852 Christian Gudbrandsen (1825- ) married Anne Limansdatter.

Christian sold the farm to Gullick Hippe in 1876.

1876 Gullick Iversen Hippe (1821-1879) married Marte Eriksdatter Smestad (1830-1910)

1887 Edvard Gulliksen Dyste (1863-1946) married Berte GulbrandsdatterHvattum

1923 Gunnar Edvardsen (1893-1964) married Ruth Holmen (1896-1974)

1950 Erling Gunnarsen (1922-1971) married Borghild Korslein

1972 Gunnar Johan married Sølvi Paulsen

I am using the names of the farms as the farm house name below:

Nere built in 1880-1884

Oppistuen built in 17??

Nistuen (now called Dystegård) built in 17??.

Bortistuen built in 1893-1896