John's SeaBee Story

Date: Sun, 27 Dec 1998 21:50:06 EST
From: Hpps@
Subject: Adak

I enjoyed the photographs you posted on the internet very much. I was stationed at the com sta in '70-'71 and was happy to be up there. As you will recall those were the Viet Nam years and I was a Sea Bee. I appreciate your beautiful shot across Clam Lagoon looking at the com sta. Of course we all have some good stories to tell after spending time there.

Upon arrival via Reeve Airways I was met at the airport by a group of UT's that had come down to meet the plane as they heard a new replacement was coming in, of course they told me it wouldn't be necessary to take the Navy transportation -- they would transport me and my gear. Well the practical joke in those days was to go the back way all the way around Lake Andy over the causeway and finally to the base, a long and bumpy trip for sure.


John C.