Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 17:05:44 -0500
From: Charlie Gant
Subject: Aerial Pictures of Adak

I was stationed on Adak from April 1965 until Nov 1967. In the picture [Yakutat Peninsula antenna] you asked about the one you thought was a radio antennae: it was.

We referred to it, if my memory serves me right, as a shotgun antennae. It supposedly was capable of sending a message around the world and recieve it back.

Adak was undoubtly the best tour of duty I had, in my entire 20 yr. career. I can see a lot more roads and improvements than we had at the time. I enjoyed the pictures of Mitt lake especially. In 1965 or early 66 I found the remenants of an old skeet range at the lake, and with the help of some fine sailors I was able to revive the range. It added a very welcome form of outdoor pleasure for many of the people on the Island. It was named the Mitt Lake Skeet Club.

I wish to thank you for the great pictures it brings back some very pleasant memories. Even 30 plus years after leaving the island my wife and I still enjoy talking about our stay on the island. Sincerely Yours Charles Gant