Gail Dunagan

On Adak from 1947 to 1949

Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 18:38:55 EDT
From: GLOCKS2 (domain part hidden from robots)
Subject: ADAK

I found your web site today while searching for old classmates. I lived in Adak from 1947-49. I have some pictures similar to you and some that are different. I am sending you a picture of the school that I attended while living there.

Can you help me find old classmates?


Gail and her mother.

Gail in Adak.

25 Nov 2003
Gail Dunagan
Adak 1947 to 1949

This next photo (two, really) is Springtime in Adak. Just in case everyone thinks it only snows there. I do not know the name of the lady in the picture. She was a neighbor of ours. Maybe someone will remember her and let us know.