ET2(SW) Clifford Khederian's Adak Page


Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2000 11:07:00 EDT
Subject: Adak Pictures

Here are a few of the pictures of Adak that I have with me. I hope that you enjoy them.

1. The group photo is of the NAVCOMTELSTA Det Adak hike to the top of Mt. Adagdak. It was about the end of October in 1995. It had started to snow while we were at the top, and the dusting helped "grease" the way for the tundra slide down.

2. The summers were always beautiful. The wild flowers (lupine) overlooking Shagak Bay with Mt. Kanaga puffing in the back ground as usual.

3. Razorback Mountain is a good back drop for the third picture. It was taken from the "dam" road just above our command (the three 300 foot towers and the 800 foot tower) on the lower slopes of Mt. Moffett.

I spent just under two years on the Island, but would go back in a heart beat. Thanks for keeping the memories alive. Please use the pictures if you can.

ET2 (SW) Khederian, Clifford E.
Prospect Harbor, ME