The Martelle Collection; Adak in 1943-44

Photographs made by Martelle's when they were stationed on Adak in the 19540's. Re-photographed from their scrapbooks by Michael Gordon and the negatives subsequently scanned with a Polaroid Sprintscan 35 to preserve as much detail as possible.

Clickable Image Mt Moffett Mt Moffett Mt Moffett Mt Moffett Mt Moffett Finger Bay Kuluk Bay Nebraska Road Sweeper Cove Sweeper Cove Zeto Point Zeto Point Mt Moffett

Description of Photographs

(By Michael Gordon:) The descriptions are not ultra precise; they are what I recollect from exploring the areas. The photographs were made by a married couple, rare on Adak at that time, but without much annotation as to what was what and where was where.

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