Mike Turner's Sea Stories

From: Mike Turner
Subject: Re: News about Adak, Alaska
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2001 09:11:44 -0600

NOW: the story about the jeep. anonymity preserved, of course:

There once was a fleet tug in the "Lower 48" that was headed for the obligatory 4 or 5 months duty in the Aleutian chain. The C.O. of that ship tried to requisition a jeep from public works but was refused. Upon departing Pearl for Adak, a suspicious large, tarp covered, object was seen lashed to the fantail. It was later rumored to be a jeep..... (grin). The last two numbers of the jeeps I.D. painted on the hood of the vehicle we said to have been altered to "protect the innocent" so to speak.

It is also rumored that one evening, after a bout of revelry at the Bering building that two persons, names withheld, drove the jeep a little too fast and far and ended up sliding the front end off the end of the fleet tug pier. When they got out, the jeep deep-sixed itself over the end of the pier. It was felt that the fewer explanations required and given, the better. The jeep, it is rumored lies relatively unharmed in the cold Adak water at the end of the old pier.

So goes the story............................ :-)

The names and ship name have been eliminated to protect, well, the whole darned crew. A McHale's Navy story for sure.

Have a great weekend