Paul Roberts: Return to Adak, Alaska 2000. Photo Batch 3

Photographer: Paul Roberts. Captions by Michael Gordon. Scanning & Web Page by Michael Gordon.

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  1. A beautiful view of Kuluk Bay.
  2. The Fuel Pier, west end of Sweeper Cove and adjacent to Roberts Housing (just out of sight to the right).
  3. From the same location north of the Fuel Pier, near the Traffic Circle, a view of Razorback Mountain.
  4. The Pet Cemetary near the Adak National Forest. View southward across the Navfac and east end of the runway; Kuluk beach on the left.
  5. Dining, probably in Bob Reeve High School cafeteria.

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  1. Looking down runway 4 (40 degrees magnetic) toward Great Sitkin Volcano. It erupted in September or October of 1973. (Thanks to Scott "Andy" Burkett for date info, I'll get some cross links eventually to photos of the eruption).
  2. Zeto Point as seen from (probably) Command Car Hill, view east (and a tiny bit south). This is a magnificent photograph, very dark and moody, very typical of Adak.
  3. The barracks at Commsta/NSGA, the northwest end looking more or less southwest. Directions didn't mean too much so this is the "uphill" end farthest away from the road to downtown.
  4. The road to downtown from Commsta/NSGA. Clam Lagoon is the body of water on the left side.
  5. Mount Moffett, apparently from the flat land that once held Mitchell Airfield and later, at the east end of it, held the "dinosaur cage" (Wullen-Webber circular direction finding HF antenna array also known as the "Shotgun" even though a shotgun antenna is really a multi-element Yagi or stacked cubical quads).
  6. This is the building that was at the center of the Shotgun. The antenna array is gone, but the shell of the building remains.