Recent News (late 1999) From Adak

Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2000
Subject: Fwd: [Fwd: Fwd: HI! News about ADAK!]

My brother was in touch with one of the people he went to school with on Adak and was forwarded this letter from someone who had been on the island with the past few months. I thought you might want to read it and send it on to anyone you may know that was lucky to spend time there.

Steve Moylan
Adak 1974 to 1977

[Part 2: "Included Message"]

Note: forwarded message attached. This update is from Laura W., pretty sad that they let it get so run down. Pretty funny to hear some folks just can't leave the place. Hope you enjoy! H.

Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2000
From: laura229

I spoke with Chuck M. last night on the phone, for quite a while in fact. He's still in Anchorage and works at Reeve. He's done very well for himself there. He mentioned that the airlines is up for sale, possibly. Reeve has also been flying to Siberia, and that the first time they flew there, the plane was greeted with soldiers with machine guns on the tarmac!

Chuck was out at Adak not too long ago. Many changes have occurred out there, much to my surprise, because it happened so quickly, within a 2 year time frame.

Kuluk housing is overgrown with tall grasses and tundra. Everything is about abandoned, with about 250 people living there. Amulet and Roberts housing has been torn down as well. Chuck said that in a 2 hour time frame, he didn't see one vehicle moving about on the island. Mitch is out there, with his wife and Chris, living in Happy Valley. Chuck and Mitch broke into our old high school with flashlights one day. There's grass growing up through the floor of Mr. Theis' room! The gym floor is severely buckled, and the roof leaks badly. There was a bad odor coming from the gym as well, for the floor is rotted underneath. That was all brand new!! :( The areas that were still in good condition was the old section of the building, were Mr. Kroeck's class was and so on. They didn't bother with exploring Bering Hill, for too many of the buildings were in too bad of shape, dangerously so. Overall, he said it was depressing.

What was so amazing was that he spotted a some caribou crossing the road at the top of NAVFAC Hill, by the forest! He saw another one cross the road just before Candlestick Bridge, out by Clam Lagoon!! I was surprised that they came in to town so fast!! He was out there for 4 days, and drove everywhere. He used a vehicle owned by Reeve, and I asked him if he needed to get gas, and where would he get gas from? He said he didn't need any, luckily.

Chuck said that Chris is still practicing his music, covered in tatoos. He just bought and new guitar as well. He must work for Reeve, too. Chuck said he's video taped a lot of Adak, and when they where looking around in the high school. He wants to make copies for anybody who would like one, when he finds his! He's not on the Internet yet, so as soon as he gets his computer, he'll be easier to reach.

By the way, Nicky B. is now listed on the site, if you want to contact her. So is Ronny H., and Terri B.

Well, I should go for now.

Have a good one! Pass this info on to anyone from Adak!!

Take care,


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