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Adak view of Great Sitkin Eruption 1974

My name is Paul W. Roberts and I was a radioman second class stationed on Adak from July 1973 to July 1974. I did not know that the eruption was taking place, but someone did! This enterprising young sailor made extra money selling the prints. I thought you might like to see Great Sitkin in action.
Paul W. Roberts

Sitkin Sound, Kagalaska Island from Mount Adagdak Shore

Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 22:33:57 -0500
From: Paul Roberts
Subject: My Favorite

I really enjoyed my year on Adak despite the rotten weather. I would like to go back sometime, but it will probably be after my boys are out of college. This photo was taken on the east shore of Mt. Adagdak looking toward Kagalaska Island. I do remember how loud the surf was because of the rocks it was rolling around. I just purchased this scanner and I am learning how to run it.

Mount Moffett as seen from Mount Adagdak

Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 22:46:25 -0500
From: Paul Roberts
Subject: Mount Moffett

This picture was taken from Adagdak looking to the west. You can see Kanaga Volcano in the distance on the right. Lake Andrew is covered in fog. I was stationed at Clam Lagoon at the Naval Communication Station as a RM2. An officer stationed up there was nice enough to email me some pictures of the closed up base. Anyway, I will scan some more pictures tomorrow. I have one of myself leaning against a prop from a plane crash on Adagdak. It was a Reeves Aleutian Airliner that crashed many years ago.

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 21:24:20 -0500
From: Paul Roberts
To: mgordon
Subject: Adak, Alaska: July 2000

Dear Michael:

I have just returned from a five day visit to Adak. Boy has the island changed in twenty-six years! Al King from Sunrise, Florida lead a group of 12 as guests of the Aleut Corporation.

Luck was with us last Sunday for it was a rare sunny day on Adak. Currently there are four Navy Personnel on the island. A Lt. gave us a 15 passenger van to travel around in. Most of the vets had not visited the island in over fifty years! Needless to say, these men did not recognize much.

Many of the pictures I took are of the empty buildings on the island. I thought maybe some of the visitors of your site might like to see their old "home". For instance, I was never on Bering Hill in 1973, but I took quite a few photos on that hill the other day.

Paul Roberts

PS Your (I am assuming) relief map is hanging in the Fish and Game Bldg. I took a picture of it for you! I thought M. Gordon was familiar.

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