The Bill Wiseman Collection from 1959

[Michael Gordon commentary:] Bill Wiseman was a Photographer's Mate on Adak and photographed the transplanting of the caribou herd to Adak. Many of the buildings shown in these photographs continued to exist for several more decades, in particular notice the Bering Hill facilities -- it looked the same in 1987.

Adak in 1960


(Second from left, top row) this is from Mount Reed, view is east northeast. The nearest lake is Lake D'Marie, just behind it closer to Sitkin is the little round Mitt Lake. At far left you can see the runway and Adak town.

Top row, far right: This appears to be Kuluk Housing. The fence eventually blew away or was removed, though in some areas the fence was closer to the houses (to confine dogs and children no doubt). In 1960, the beaches were dangerous, with barbed wire and spikes.

Bottom row, left: A view from the inside (bay side) of the south tip of Zeto Point. Across Kuluk Bay is Razorback Mountain.


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