Doug Kohlhepp's Adak Photos

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the photo collection you have posted on the Web documenting the history of Adak.  My father, Technician 4th Grade Louis W. Kohlhepp, was stationed on Adak from November 17, 1944 to November 3, 1945 as a member of the Finance Detachment.  When he died recently, I inherited his scrapbook containing many photos of his time on Adak.  My curiosity about Adak led me to your Web site.  I have scanned and attached several of his photos, and you are most welcomed to post them on your site although I'm afraid I don't have much in the way of accompanying descriptions. The following are the few notes I have.


  1. Quonset Huts
  2. Boardwalk
  3. The "Tundarena" .  Could be a gym or bowling alley.
  4. The Post Office
  5. Qonset Huts. Based on other pictures on your site, I believe that Mt. Moffett is in the background
  6. Quonset Huts, muddy road.
  7. Group Photo. My father is on the far left of this group photo
  8. Zeto Point. Again, based on other photos, I believe this picture depicts Quonset huts on Zeto Pt. (Editor notes: good guess, and I don't know where it is either, but examination of the sun angle shows that the view is west, the road is fairly substantial and roads this large existed in only a few places back then. We see men walking on a footpath that extends in the foreground to a boardwalk that spans some water visible. For the moment, I am guessing that this is in the vicinity of what is now Roberts Housing, and the road is the road between downtown and Finger Bay.).
  9. Headquarters of the 11th AF
  10. Good picture of Mt Moffett. The flat valley is on the southwest of Lake Andy, view is to the west.
  11. PX
  12. Quonset Hut, view southwest, Mount Reed at left background. Probably on the hill halfway from Roberts Housing to Bering Hill. Compare to (medium huge) aerial views, place the point of view at the far right looking leftward across a small valley, then at the hill, then at Mount Reet in the background.
  13. Movie Theater, probably
  14. Officer's Club. The building is labeled "The Valley Club" but my father annotated the picture as "The Officers' Club" (Editor's note: This building shows up in 1949 as the chapel in the Fredric Forney Collection).

Douglas Kohlhepp
Colorado Springs, CO  80906