Fredric John Forney



US Navy Chaplain, LTjg, on Adak, Alaska 1948-1949

Picture of Fredric John Forney

Foreword by Michael Gordon: Many thanks go to Donna Forney Clark for contributing this excellent collection of photographs to this website. The task is not quite complete, but these photographs are so detailed that they just have to be put on the network right now! You can help by communicating to me if you recognize any of the people (use contact form on home page

Map of Adak, 1948

The Chapel in 1949 (with comparison to the same building in 1945)

Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 18:34:32 -0600 From:  Dorothy Bean. I'm delighted to see my 9-year-old self in Adak in one of the Chaplain's photos, singing with a group of little girls.  I was Dolly Iredale then, my Dad Will was in the Navy there.  (I'm the blond pigtails) CLICK

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  1. Carnival of 1948. Probably 4th of July. Photographs are labeled with their developer labels (July 5, 1948; Naval Air Station) but the marching and entertainment happens at Naval Operating Base which was at the west end of Sweeper Cove south to Mitt Lake.
  2. Snapshots and Team Photos. Basketball, Boxing and Track teams and their activities.

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