Orneveien: Norwegian for "The Eagle Way" or "The Eagle Road" (Orne=eagle, vei=way, en=the). Also, the name of a famous high mountain road descending into one of Norway's most spectacular fjords: Geirangerfjord.

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Photo galleries and slide shows

Lunar Eclipse - Blood Moon 15 April 2014.

CAPSA Benefit events "Cruising to stop Abusing" Bicycle Ride on 22 September 2012, Second CAPSA "Cruising to stop Abusing" Bicycle Ride on 28 September 2013.

Scouting photos in Northern Utah on Hatu Nagol. Events from the former Old Ephraim district of the former Trapper Trails Council.

Stereo Photographs 3-d anaglyph. Use red lens for left eye, cyan lens for right eye.

Camera Samplers:

Wallpaper for twinned 1080p widescreen monitors Set as desktop wallpaper or background and use "tile" option in Windows 7 to straddle dual monitors.

Wallpaper for quad (2x2) 1080p widescreen monitors Set as desktop wallpaper or background and use "tile" option in Windows 7 to span all four monitors.

Railroad Train Photographs

Union Pacific Steam, Challenger (2005, Idaho) Nikon 8700

Adak, Alaska. A collection of photographs from 1944 onward by many contributors. Includes eagles, historical photographs, scenery and MPEG movies.

Adventure Photography including National Parks

Ísland (Iceland) photography and MPEG movies

Stereo (3-D) Photography and Links


Some movie clips (More exist in my family area)

Gordon, Evenstad, Haughtvedt, Jensen family names.

The Scandinavians

The DAR Side

High Technology  News and Resources Links

Information Week: A superior source of Information Technology News.
Network Computing: Your Online I.T. Resource
The Register: Biting the Hand That Feeds IT. Critical and perceptive observations about technology.
Linux Links: A huge resource of links to downloadable Linux software
Slashdot: News For Nerds. Stuff That Matters.
Politics and News: Links to the most popular news.

Salt Lake County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
Interesting Stuff
Movie Filming Locations on Google Earth A select few movies whose filming locations are identified with latitude and longitude on Google Earth.
BSA Old Ephraim District Logan, Utah, USA
Cedar City High School Class of 1972 Cedar City, Utah, USA
Yes, there is God (thoughts on religion and politics)

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