The Michael Gordon Collection

6/1976-12/1978, 3/1987-6/1988

  • Megabatch 1 Scenery, copied from Kodak Photo CD's made in the mid 1990s of Kodachrome slides made between 1976 and 1978 inclusive.
  • Megabatch 2 More Scenery 1976-1978
  • Megabatch 3 Mostly eagles and birds 1976-1978
  • The Bleak Collection. Honoring a request for "Bleak, windy, showing signs of human habitation." Adak is often Beautiful, even when bleak.
  • EAGLES of Adak. Photographs by Michael Gordon made at Adak Island.
  • AERIAL Photographs of Adak made in August 1977 while searching for Bald Eagle nests. Includes views of Upper and Lower Amulet family housing (interesting if you lived there once). These images are stored in three sizes (thumbnails, medium (500 pixel), huge (1800 pixel)).
  • AllStock Retired (A collection of photographs retired from Alaska Photo, which became Aperture Photobank, which became AllStock (or was it the other way round?) which finally and is presently part of the Tony Stone photo agency.
  • BATCH TWO (posted 20 August 1998)

small model of Adak

Click: Adak 
small model of Adak

Click: Mount Adagdak
I spent six years constructing a scale model of Adak, parts of which are shown here during its construction. Each 1/16 inch layer represents a 100 foot increase in elevation and it is 32 inches across. The contours were filled in with plastic wood and shaped with dental tools and ultimately painted in Varathane colors. Two failed attempts to produce a master mold almost destroyed it, but I finally succeeded in producing a silicon rubber mold, from which I have produced two plaster-of-paris copies, one of which is at the Adak Museum. 

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