Union Pacific Steam: Challenger Slide Show


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Photographs by Michael Gordon. You may copy, keep, archive and publish for personal use or by non-profit organizations, as well as Union Pacific and any organization involved in operating Union Pacific steam engines for their marketing purposes. Higher resolution files exist of these images than are shown here (Nikon 8700, 8 megapixel camera).

The following pages constitute a slide show and photo selector.

The slide show itself is intended for sequential viewing of a collection of photographs.

Each page includes in its title bar, and underneath, the file name of the photo. This is useful when corresponding to someone about the photo.

To advance to the next photo: Clicking on the photo advances you to the next photo unless you are on a thumbnail or zoomed photo, in which case clicking it takes you to the 'normal' size.

Below each photo is a set of links (buttons) to advance, return, or exit the slide show.

A thumbnail gallery is available for visually selecting photos. If you choose this option, clicking a thumbnail puts you into the slide show at the photo chosen; from there the slide show proceeds with the remainder of the show.