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Global Positioning Satellite.
Fantastic, new, and recently affordable technology to take with you on almost any adventure (except spelunking and SCUBA). Find your way to a place, then find your way back, even in near-zero visibility and for less than $200. You can spend a lot more, of course, if you want a hand-held device containing maps and route-finding capabilities. 
Museum of Ancient Life
Museum of Ancient Life
April, 2007.
Bryce Canyon
Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park
Road Trip, March 2005
Multnomah Falls, Oregon
Pacific Northwest Road Trip
October, 2003. Through Idaho, Oregon and Washington State, USA.
Goblin Valley, Utah
Goblin Valley, Utah

Oregon's Highway 26 and John Day Country
This is a slide show exploring Highway 26, the Road Less Traveled, from Parma in Idaho, through Nyssa, thence northwest and west over the Blue Mountains to John Day which is in a long east-west valley.  At the west end of this valley is Fossil Beds National Monument and some spectacular canyon country, then up and over more mountains to Painted Hills near Mitchell.  Then over more mountains southwest to Prineville, then over more hills northwest to Madras.  The highway drops down over 1,000 feet to the Deschutes River canyon, then climbs out the other side to a 2,300 foot volcanic plateau that covers much of central Oregon (and through which the Deschutes River has made its canyon) and the first glimpse of Mount Hood.  The highway ends in Portland, Oregon, passing right at the southern flank of Mount Hood.  "Green Tunnels" keep you from seeing very much once you get into the forest.
Flaming Gorge Wind River Flaming Gorge and Wind River Range
Blue bottle glass fragment Topaz Resettlement Camp (Topaz Internment Camp)
This is a slide show of a road trip exploring the Topaz Internment Camp, including a few scenes along the way.  Located about 15 miles west-northwest of Delta, Utah is the site of one of ten camps where Japanese immigrants and their families were confined during World War 2 (1942-1945).  Over 8,000 persons were here confined in April 1943.  These families were compelled to sell or give away their property.  At the conclusion of the war, many went home, but many others had no home to return to and scattered across the United States.  Some stayed at the camp, having no place to go, and were finally evicted in 1946 undoubtedly settling in the somewhat inhospitable surrounding country.  
Road Trip photographs made along the way to and from Topaz Internment Camp, especially of Little Sahara sand dunes recreation area.
Spring flowers
Spring Colors in Utah
May, 2003.  50 Photographs (yes, many, but not the whole collection!) by Michael Gordon made with a Nikon 5700 digital camera.  This is a slide show with gallery.  The slides are all 640x480 pixels and the zoom is twice that size.  The location is High Creek Canyon pretty close to the Idaho border with Utah.  It features lupine and other wild flowers, but the lupine is my favorite.
2007 Autumn Colors in Utah Autumn Colors

2008 Autumn Colors at Temple Fork Canyon and Franklin Basin -- megapixel multishot panoramas
2007 Autumn Colors Preston Valley Campground, Logan city, High Creek Canyon, Wellsville Mountains
2005 Autumn Colors in Logan Canyon, Sand Flats and Sunrise Campground
2003 Autumn Colors in Temple Fork Canyon
2002 Autumn Colors in Utah and Idaho using a Nikon 5000 camera.
Mount Naomi Wilderness Mount Naomi Wilderness and Tony Grove Lake
August, 2002 photographs by Michael Gordon.
Located in northern Utah's Bear River Range, Tony Grove Lake is small but popular with local residents.  The view from Mount Naomi is quite impressive; it is 9,979 feet high.  Here is a 30-photo slide show with selection gallery. Photographed using a Nikon 5000 digital camera.

Thunderstorm over Sauk Centre
June, 2002 photographs by Michael Gordon.
From Minneapolis to Fergus Falls, to Hendrum on the Red River Valley, to Ada, to Bemidji. Photographs made with a Nikon 5000 digital camera.
Teakettle Junction
Death Valley and Vicinity.
California, USA. Photographs by Tom Zeidner using an Olympus digital camera.
Arches National Park.
Photographed by Michael Gordon using a Nikon 5000 digital camera.
Picture of Thorsmork
Iceland Hike with members of Ferðafélag Íslands in 1986.  (Fer'-tha-fiel'-ag ees'-lands, Touring Society of Iceland).  This is a slide show of a hike from Landmannalaugur southward to Þórsörk (Thorsmork).  Photographed onto 35mm film using a Kodak Stereo Camera, these images are rephotographed with a digital camera and are merely adequate until I make it better.  Also, eventually I will have the stereo images online.

San Diego, California, USA

A selection of photographs from Sea World and the San Diego Zoo

NEW PHOTOS from 2004. High quality Sea World photos!

Bonus: Mount Helix in San Diego County south of El Cajon and north of Spring Valley.

Bear Lake, Utah .
At the top of Utah, near Idaho and Wyoming, is a huge freshwater lake -- Bear Lake. It is a natural reservoir, it fills from the north end (from Bear River) when the river is high, and empties back into the same river when the river is low.

BEAR LAKE GOLF, Michael Gordon's collection of photos.  Good photos but it is a resource page so there's a LOT of them.  Luckily you also have a gallery so you can view just the ones that interest you the most.  The golf course is south of Garden City a few miles and northwest from Laketown.
OFFICIAL WEBSITE of Bear Lake Golf, one of the Executive Recreation Properties.  If you don't have Shockwave Flash in your computer you won't get much out of this one.
High Sierra Trail, California.
A 1971 adventure with the Explorer Scouts. 8 days, 92 miles or so. Giant Forest in the west (near Fresno) to Lone Pine in the east, crossing Kaweah Gap, Chagoopa Plateau and Moraine Lake thereon, Kern Canyon, and Mount Whitney, the highest point in the continental United States.


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