Movie Geography


A peculiar obsession I have is to locate interesting scenes in movies and find those locations on Google Earth. It is a type of exploring and is most interesting when it is difficult but not impossible to find. For instance, the water world of Interstellar could have been filmed anywhere -- it is just water and thus falls in the "impossible" category other than we're told it was Iceland. So I look at various clues; sun angles, vegetation and wildlife, especially birds, prevailing wind. Streams reveal slope of land even if slow moving; you can inspect sandbars and undercuts to figure out which way the water is flowing.

Then you go hunting. Sometimes it is easy, usually not so easy.

Some movie filming locations for "Wind River" 2017

Some movie filming locations for "Interstellar"

Some movie filming locations for "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" with Ben Stiller. The Latitude/Longitude are here shown in decimal format. Just paste the numbers into the Google Earth search to take you there.

Three Days To Kill

Rambo: First Blood

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